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Best Local Cuisine General Guidelines 01-22-12

Best Local Cuisine General Guidelines 01-22-12

Best Local Cuisine is an online community that brings together foodies from all over the world. Here you can upload photos, videos, articles and reviews. Because we want you to feel safe when you log in, we have put together some guidelines for everyone to adhere to.

Inappropriate Content
Of course we want you to give us your honest reviews, pictures and video’s, but we do ask that you avoid threatening comments, lewd behavior, hateful messages and reviews, and intolerant prejudice.

Promotional Content
Food Establishments are allowed to post promotional content to their page, but we ask that diners use the site for reviews and comments. Please do not post advertorial information about your business if you are a general user.

Conflicting Interests
Make sure that all the reviews that are posted remain objective. All reviews need to be unbiased and reflect the true opinions from reviewers. If you work for the food establishment we ask that you keep your opinions to yourself. Do not write favorable reviews about your place of employment or your unfavorable reviewers about your competitors.

Be Relevant
Make sure that you keep your contributions relevant. Best Local Cuisine is not the place to talk about a food establishment’s political views, employment practices and other contributions that are not relevant to the site.

We Value Your Privacy
You want your information to be kept private and so does everyone else. Make sure that you do not divulge other people’s personal information. Do not post full names, phone numbers or email addresses. If you take pictures make sure that you have permission if you are planning on posting photos of other people.

Keep It Original
Do not take content from other users or websites. Make sure that all of your reviews are 100% original. You must own all of the rights to your photo’s and video’s as well.

More Guidelines
We like our reviews to be personal and passionate. We have put together some additional guidelines that will help you become a better reviewer.

Keep It Real
Best Local Cuisine wants your personal opinions. We do not want you to review a restaurant or diner based on your best friend’s experience. Tell your story. The more detailed the better.

Be Accurate
Facts are facts. Make sure that your review post is correct. Do not misrepresent or exaggerate your dining experience. We want others to be able to trust your reviews.

You can add additional information to your review, but make sure that you do not rehash what you have already published. Updates are meant for new experiences. If you feel like added to your existing review all you have to do is edit and post instead of creating an entirely new update.

We love pictures, but we ask that you only post photos that you own the rights to. Take shots of the establishments and snap a couple of pictures of your meal but remember to get permission if you plan on including your favorite waitress in the shot. Nudity, violence and copyrighted material will not be tolerated on Best Local Cuisine.

Video reviews are a great way to get your message across, but we ask that you own the rights to your clips. We also ask that you steer clear of nude, lewd or violent images or those that may be deemed as such.

Talk, Talk, Talk
We value your opinions and want to hear from you. All we ask is that you engage in open conversations that are fun and honest. Users that consistently disrupt the community will be dealt with appropriately.

As a business owner you want to know firsthand what the public thinks of your establishment. Responding to your diners is an excellent way to get to know your customers. With Best Local Cuisine you can respond publically or privately to a favorable or not so favorable review. Before you start responding remember that everyone who reviews your establishment has paid to dine there. You might not like what a particular reviewer has said, but keep in mind that they have feelings too. Best Local Cuisine prides itself on excellent reviewers who are opinioned and sometimes very vocal.

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